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Use of WhatsApp for Business Purposes

How to Use Whatsapp for Enhance Your Business's Efficiency?

Now days

we see that many companies working in various fields are providing special mobile numbers to be contacted via Whatspp. This particular undertaking is becoming expanding day by day, after working professional and companies has seen WhasApp becoming viral amongst Smartphone users massively since last few years. The purpose behind providing a specific contact for interaction via WhatsApp is because now days every other user is found utilizing this app for making contact with other registered users.

This is why various businesses are also giving WhatsApp contact number alongside other conventional landline and mobile number to get in touch with them to customers. This is a smart undoubtedly a smart move by various companies to interact for the sale and promotion of their product and services. Take the example of an online store furnishing WhatsApp contact number to customer. This contact number is given to provide an option for users to make contact with the customer care agent over it, people who remain somehow hesitant in making conventional calls to inquire about the listed products on the site. Also, the business owner can also set WhatsApp status message regarding its business in a creative manner.

Moreover, itís the apt use of technology to make use of an app which is being widely used to provide prospective buyers an option to get desired details regarding the products they are interested in buying aptly before making a purchase. Moreover, as WhatsApp not only allows its users to send and receive instant message and voice calls the buyer and seller can also share related video clips and images of the products. So after viewing and evaluating buyer can make up its mind of - buying the product or not.

Furthermore, professionals in various other fields are also utilizing the popularity of WahstApp for boosting their business outreach. Like many service providing companies working in different fields permits users to make contact with them on a particular number of WhatsApp conversation. This provides both client and service provider to discuss in details what they have to offer with related details required before acquiring any service.

This is how WhatsApp popularity has made the most of in various business fields presently - with the objective of making contact with prospective clients. This is an additional beneficial contact making knack for both buyers and sellers to share details regarding products specifications and offered promotions with WhatsApp.

In Search of Alternate Way to Contact Family from outside Pakistan, Use free SMS to Pakistan

In Search of Alternate Way to Contact Family from outside Pakistan, Use free SMS to Pakistan

As over 3 million Pakistanis are working abroad in various countries far away from their family and friends for a better living and future, they always remain in search of a way to get in touch with them. Although, there are many ways nowadays to get in touch with people back home from outside Pakistan other than conventional phone calls, which costs a lot. To name the few modern tech inventions allowing people to get in touch with anyone from anywhere in the world includes Skype and plenty of Smartphone apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line and Messenger are the few famous ones.

But most of Pakistani does not even know about these services, those who heard of it do not know how making use of them, because most of these Pakistani are less educated and work as laborers Ė who normally donít have any idea about new communication tools functioning. Nevertheless, here we are suggesting a simple to access and make use of its way to get in touch with anyone in back home is known as free SMS to Pakistan .

This particular feature is so easy to use that people who are not much aware of technological advancement can also utilize it. This feature of sending free SMS to Pakistan can be used by just going to websites, which are providing the option of sending free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan. Users is just required to get registered with the website to be able to send as many as they want free of charge SMS to any operator mobile number active in Pakistan. Most of the sites allow users to write up to 160 characters SMS from their online portals and few allows more.

Additionally, these sites after working on this service is now offering the feature of receiving replies from the recipients as well whom they are sending free SMS from websites from outside Pakistan. Itís the most amazing feature that Pakistaniís living abroad could wish for - because it has permitted them to not only send but to also receive replies as well online.

So, Pakistaniís steeled abroad or gone to work for a few years can easily log on to the websites allowing users to send free SMS to Pakistan and be in contact with people they want in Pakistan. Itís so easy to do once you have created a profile, then you just need to write the mobile number on which you want to send free SMS and type what you want and just click send. This is how you can send absolutely free SMS to any Telcoís mobile umber in Pakistan effortlessly from aboard.